Advantages of Using Galvanized Steel
Posted by redsteel, 01/20/2018 1:45 pm

Galvanized steel offers many advantages over other materials for a wide range of applications. One is the non-corrosive properties. Steel becomes galvanized through a chemical and hot dip process that bonds zinc to the steel. It is resistant to rust, weathering, and most chemicals. There are other metals that are coated to be non-corrosive, but coatings will peel after a few years.

Difference Between Processes

Adding paint or protective sealant to stainless steel, aluminum, or other metals will not be long-lasting. It is also easy to miss spots, corners, and joints when adding a coating to existing structures. The galvanizing process is completed before any structures are made so there are no missed spaces where moisture can penetrate. This process makes the structures built, such as a Galvanized Pallet Rack, more durable.


The material is superior for use outdoors, during chemical processing, and inside walk-in freezers and coolers. That is why Red Steel Manufacturing uses it to construct cantilever and teardrop pallet racks in a variety of sizes. In fact, Red Steel is the only Galvanized Pallet Rack supplier in the United States. These pallets are ideal for outside storage, warehousing heavy items, inside climate controlled areas, and many other commercial and industrial uses.

Pallet Rack Types

Cantilever racks are available in single and double-sided towers, as well as heavy duty straight arm systems in a variety of lengths. Brace sets are offered in eight to ten, sixteen to eighteen, and twenty-foot towers. Custom sizes can also be created. Large quantities and custom racks have lead times of eight to ten weeks.

Teardrop upright systems are available in different sizes that have a weight capacity of twenty-thousand pounds, and options with a capacity of twenty-seven thousand pounds. Teardrop beam systems are available in several sizes with differing capacities that range from two-thousand pounds to over seven-thousand pounds. Accessories offered include wall ties, shims, foot plates, row spacers, and anchors.


In addition to being stronger and more durable than aluminum and other grades of steel, galvanized steel is also more cost-effective. There are some materials that are priced lower, but will need frequent replacing. Costs associated with maintenance will also be lower as galvanized steel requires little to zero maintenance. Once the selected pallet rack system is installed, it can be basically forgotten because it will not rust or weaken.

Business owners who are building new or just need to replace pallet racks will want to compare available materials to make the best choice. When replacing systems, compare the durability of the current system with that of galvanized steel before purchasing those same type of racks again.

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